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Hello, this is Yukiko Usui from Hida&Co. 

Hida&Co is a tax accounting company in Japan, set up since 1985, at Shinjuku-Tokyo.

From today, I will share with you, some business topics in Japan.

We, Hida&Co, has many clients which operated by Non-Japanse and subsidiaries of the overseas company. Sometimes they ask us business practicable issues. Most of those are very easy and normal things for Japanese, but you know, for foreigners who are not familiar with Japanese business culture, it is not easy to get information. Because most of all of the website regarding those issues are written in Japanese, not provided in English. So, I start to share some practical things with you.

In the first, today, I introduce that, What Bank is the Best to Open Your Corporate Bank Account in Japan.

The answer is, anything is OK, except you want to get a corporate DEBIT card.

Last week, one of my clients asked me with showing me the ATM card of their company’s corporate bank.

“We need to make a purchase online, but we are wondering if you could clarify which are the card No., expiration date and security code?”

I replied that,

“This card is just an ATM card. If you want to use your ATM card as DEBIT CARD (like as the credit card), I recommend you to set your bank account in Japan Net Bank or Sumishin-SBI Net Bank. Or, I recommend you to apply for corporate credit card.”

In Japan, I think most of the bank does not provide the corporate DEBIT card to companies. Japan Net Bank, Sumishin-SBI Net Bank, and Rakuten-Bank provide it (in 2018 Oct. now, and I didn’t check any information of local bank).

And, If you have a corporate credit card instead of DEBIT card, in some cases, it is not easy to get it. Especially when your company is still small or just started your business. The Corporate Credit Card Division does the inspection of you and your business to allow you having the credit card or not. Sometimes it would be hard to verify that you have a credit.

If you want to have a corporate DEBIT card, I recommend you to have Japan Net or Sumishin-SBI rather than Rakuten. Because Japan Net and Sumishin-SBI provide the corporate DEBIT card with “VISA” brand. On the other hand, Rakuten provides with “JCB” brand. You can use VISA brand in much more places than JCB still now.


When you have a plan to set up your bank account, I recommend you to have a short discussion with your accountant, especially local Japanese accountant like us!

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